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Meet Dr. Lawrence Woss

I can’t imagine 2011 will start my 24th year, and I have enjoyed every minute of helping others.

But lets go back to the beginning. It was the summer of 1973. I was working with my brother for St Anne Church in East Hazel Crest. Always being a very flexible kid, when I awoke one day and couldn’t put my sock on due to lower back pain. My father and grandfather had always sought the help of a Chiropractor so guess where they took me?

My first Chiropractor was Dr. Roland, a wonderful man. I never forgot him and even modeled myself after him.

To be a good Chiropractor you must have a love of people, science, anatomy, and medicine. Of these I feel anatomy is the most important. I spent 48 weeks dissecting a human being, which was an invaluable experience. When a patient says “this” hurts me here, you as a chiropractor must know every structure from superficial to deep. Skin connective tissue, blood vessels, nerve muscle and tendon.

People commonly ask what is the comparative difference of minimum hours of study between chiropractors and M.D.s. Chiropractic College is 2419 hours and medical school is 2047 hours; of that chiropractic college has 456 hours of anatomy embryology vs. 215 hours for M.D.s.
“Doctor I swear I wasn’t doing anything” or “I just bent down to feed the dog.” Most injuries are repeated multiple mild injuries that build up over time. Think of a shoelace. They don’t break all at once. The lace starts to fray causing the lace to become weaker and weaker eventually leading to a “pop.”

When to see Dr. Woss? The general rule of thumb is if you are in pain for 72 hours straight call immediately. Did you know most all insurance covers chiropractic care? Especially PPOs and some HMOs. We can verify your insurance before we start treating you.

To book an appointment or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.
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